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Friday 5th November 2010

Dog Love
I read a story in the news today about a professional rugby player who took a picture of himself getting a dog to lick his balls then put it on facebook.

The man has ruined his career and won't be able to go anywhere in the world without someone saying: "He's the man who got that dog to lick his balls and then posted the picture on facebook."

Imagine what your mum would say.

How could you look the dog in the eye again?

Apparently the man is seeing a shrink about it.

I am glad that I am not him today.

Filthy Liars

I heard another story on the radio on the way home form work. It was about how an election is going to be re-run because the Labour Party candidate, Phil Woolas, had said bad stuff about one of his opponents, Lib Dem candidate Elwyn Watkins.

He claimed that our Elwyn had been mates with some suicide bombers and nasty men. It turned out not to be true, so Phil is now in the political brown trousers.

I am glad that I am not him today.

On the radio, a "Labour Party Spokeswoman" said:

"It is not the Labour Party's policy to lie to acheive political advantage". Or something similar.

I almost crashed the car laughing. Hutton report? Chilcot inquiry?

This whole episode could have been avoided if Phil and Elwyn had stopped for a moment and had some fish fingers.

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