Welcome to mushroom13. I would not advise remaining here too long. It has been proven in double-blind trials to have a strong correlation with "snake hips".


You Have Made It

Welcome to mushroom13. On the left of the page are links to great works of truth (fiction). Click on the words that you can read when one of the groups of words that you read makes noises in your head that sound like something you would like to read about.

If you don't see anything you like, why not go outside and get some fresh air, or buy some beer/cigarettes/drugs/animals/cleaning products. It will make you feel better and, if you buy ethically, help the global economic recovery.

On this site you can:

  • Hear about some unfortunate incidents that genuinely happened for real.
  • Discover the hidden power of fish based savouries to resolve conflict.
  • Read about the exciting life of a young professional at the top of his game in New York.
  • Read fan-mail for the site, sent in by real fans.
  • Express your opinion in "Your Voice", not that it matters.
  • Do some other things.

Site Rules:
1. Never Rush
2. (***Complete later***)

  Finished now.  
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This is the bottom of the page. Why would you read this part? Obviously the main part ended above. Go to another page or another site. I heard there are ones containing images of snake's hips.